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Creative Grooming

  Creative grooming is the art of color, accessories, and out-of-the-box style.  I offer several options for color, jewels, and accessories to make your dog look fabulous!  Make sure to check out my Grooming Album to see more examples of my creative grooms!

Feather Extensions

  Feather extensions are a great way to quickly and easily add a splash of color without affecting the dog's hair.  They are applied in minutes and can be removed just as easily. They can be put on any dog that has at least 1/2" of hair, whether shedding or non-shedding.

  They attach with a crimp bead and can last 1-4 weeks depending on hair type, if you have other dogs, or how active your dog's lifestyle is.

  Basic feather extensions are $1, and can be easily applied yourself at home with the right tools, or I can do it for you for $2 (which includes the price of the feather extension).  I have many styles and colors to choose from, or you can visit the salon and make your own!

Temporary Color

I offer three kinds of temporary color: spray-on color, hair chalk, and airbrushing.

 Spray-on color works well on most hair types, and even work on black fur!  Designs are vibrant and eye-catching, though (depending on hair type) they will only last 1-2 days.  These spray-on colors can rub off onto your dog's bed or your carpet or furniture and may stain some fabrics, so they are recommended for temporary day use only such as a special event where the dog will not be left unattended at home. Spray-on color washes out with one wash, or can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Application starts at $5 for a simple design or coloring one area of the dog such as ears or tail.  Price increases with complexity, number of colors used, and area of the dog to be colored.

  Hair chalk is a great temporary color solution which can show up on some darker coats but is best on lighter coats. It is more difficult to do a design with hair chalk, it is best for streaks or coloring one area of the dog such as the ears or tail pompom.  Chalking lasts up to a week though it does fade, but will not rub off onto your furniture or carpet.  It can be removed with a few washes, though sometimes it will leave very light stains on white coats.

Application starts at $5 for streaks or coloring one small area of the dog such as ears or tail.  Price increases with number of colors used and the size of the dog being colored.



Airbrushing is another way to add temporary color.  It is great for making designs with stencils or just coloring an area of the dog.  The color lasts 1-4 weeks depending on hair type, and will come out in 1-2 washes. This kind of coloration will not rub off onto furniture once it has dried, but it will run if it gets wet.  Airbrushing works best on lighter colored dogs, and some colors are more vibrant than others. Small designs can be put on black dogs, but due to the process involved they do not last nearly as long as airbrushing on light colored fur.

  Application starts at $5 for a simple design or coloring one area of the dog such as ears or tail.  Price increases with complexity, number of colors used, and area of the dog to be colored

Permanent Color

For permanent color I use pet-safe dyes that are non-oxidizing (they do not require use of a developer) so they are not harmful to pets.  These dyes will only work on light-colored hair as they are deposit-only and will not bleach hair.  Different hair types and different colors will take the dye in different ways.  If your dog is a color other than white, cream, apricot, silver, or blonde, I recommend doing a strand test so we can see how the dye will react with the color of the dog.  I will cut off a small piece of hair from an inconspicuous place and test the color (or multiple colors) on the piece of hair to see how the color will turn out before trying it on the dog.


  Coloring of one small area (ears, tail, mohawk, poodle pompoms or top knot, etc.) or adding colored highlights to the tail starts at $10.  Each additional small area is an extra $5 - $10 depending on size.  The cost includes application of the color, washing out the color, and blow-drying and styling the dyed area.  Additional costs may be incurred for multiple colors, covering a large area, or anything more complicated.  If you are not getting a bath or full groom with your permanent color service, I highly recommend that you wash your dog before coming in for your dye appointment, preferably with a clarifying shampoo and with no conditioner or styling products, as dirty hair will not take the dye!  Unless your dog is receiving a bath or groom service, I will not wash your dog before the dye application, only after, and only enough to remove the dye, not cleanse the dog.

Nail Polish

 From simple color to patterns or designs, nail color can be a great way to add style to your dog!  I have many colors in solid or sparkle which will be bright on any nail type.  I can also do hand-drawn designs such as animal print, polka dots, flowers, and more, or embellish your dog's pedicure with jewels!

Nail polish is fairly resilient and will last 1-6 weeks depending on the condition of the dog's nails and the dog's activity level. 


Polish application is $5 - $15 depending on the number of colors used and the complexity of the pedicure desired. 

 Shaved-In Designs

Shapes or designs can also be shaved into a pet's fur.  This can be done on pets with shedding or growing hair, but works best on hair that is less than 1/2" long.  The shaved design can also be colored to really make it stand out!