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Pet Salon & Miniature Poodles

COVID-19 Procedures


Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, I will no longer be allowing clients to enter the salon.  Please read the following procedures for dropping off and picking up your pet:


 Drop Off

  • Bring your dog into the gated area outside the salon door and lock the gate behind you.  Large dogs that may be able to climb or jump out may be tethered using the provided loop.
  •  Remove all collars, leashes, harnesses, and clothing from your dog.  You may leave them in the basket in the covered area if you don't want to forget them on your return.
  •  I will discuss the groom with you and any concerns, wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing.
  •  Leave the area, locking the gate behind you

During the Groom

  • Once you have left I will bring the dog inside and directly to the tub.
  • The groom will be completed as usual, though keep in mind each groom may take longer than usual since I will not be able to trim any hair before the bath, which results in longer drying times, and there may be mats since many dogs will be overdue for a groom.
  • Once I am finished I will call or text you and let you know you can pick up your dog and how much is owing.  If there are any areas of concern that were found during the groom I will inform you.  At this time I will book your next appointment.
  • Your dog will be placed in the gated area outside to await pickup.
Pick Up

  •  Secure your dog's collar and leash.  They may stay loose in the gated area while you are paying but please don't let them loose in the rest of the yard.
  • Make your payment by using the pinpad for credit / debit (disinfected between each use), etransfer to, or pay as usual with cash or cheque.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about the groom please call or text me before leaving.
Other Policy Changes
  •  I will not be offering any drop-in services without an appointment (as usual).  Because of the extra time it takes to clean and disinfect between clients and to avoid multiple clients in the same area I will have staggered appointment times and will not be able to accommodate quick appointments between regular grooming appointments without adequate time between appointments.
Other Tips
  • Keep your dog in a shorter haircut than usual so you can go longer between grooms.
  • Walk your dog on hard surfaces daily to help wear down nails naturally.
  • Learn how to trim your dog's face and bum area yourself to increase the time between grooms.
  • Set up an etransfer payment ahead of time so you can grab your dog and go without waiting.