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  I am a Certified Trick Dog Instructor through Do More With Your Dog and am offering trick training and title approving services locally in person or online throughout the world on my Facebook group!  My Facebook group Spark Team is full of how-to videos and help is always available if you need it!

  To start earning Trick Dog titles for your dog, you must first earn 15 points from the list of approved tricks to attain your Novice title. Novice and Intermediate tricks count for one point and Advanced and Expert tricks count for two points.  You can either meet with me in person to approve your tricks (no charge), you can post them in my Spark Team Facebook group, or you can privately message videos to me through text, Facebook messenger, email, or post them on YouTube for me to view.

  After earning your Novice title you need 12 points to get your Intermediate title and tricks must be from the Intermediate level or higher (Advanced and Expert tricks still count for two).  Your Advanced title requires 5 points from either Advanced or Expert (either only count for one point), and your Expert title requires 5 points from Expert level only.  There is also Champion and Grand Champion which tests the limits of what your dog can do!